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We are your CEREC Support Lab! If you have questions or need any help with your CEREC we would be glad to offer our assitance! Our staff is trained on the CEREC an INLAB systems to help improve your office.

Custom Abutments

Have a challenging implant case? no sweat! Just scan and send via CEREC Connect and you will receive your case back with high accuracy and quality.

Crown & Bridge

Need a crown or a bridge and can’t mill in your office? send us your zirconia or complicated bridge cases via CEREC Connect and we will get them finished and back to your office in no time.

Digital Partial Dentures

If you are a CEREC Docotor We can accept Digital impressions and digitally create a partial for your patients We accept traditional impressions and can digitally design them as well. Digital Partials fit better and have improved uniformity for strength and comfort.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

I have been working with Salt lake Dental Lab for 5 years and have been happy with their service. I had a All-On-Four case from an oral surgeon and Kelly took the time to train me and my staff and help us add this service to our patients. Highly recommend them!

Dr. Matt Clark

I have been working with Salt lake Dental Lab for approximately 20 years. I have developed a great relationship with them and if I have a problem or need a case done quickly they jumped to action to help my patients. I am very pleased with the All Zirconia restorations and highly recommend them to other offices!

Dr. Charles Walker

I have been working with Kelly at Salt Lake Dental Lab for over 20 years. I have enjoyed working with Salt Lake Dental Lab because they are very good at communicating with me and my office and alway go out of their way to help me with any problems we face in dentistry.

Dr. Richard Blackhurst

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Your Lab Manufacture Removeables?

Yes we do! We have been manufacturing removables since 1906, so you can say we have some experience 🙂

What is your remake policy?

We can not absorb the cost of any remake that is the result of an inaccurate or distorted model.  If a patients changes their mind during or after production of any case, you will incur the cost of any and all changes.  Once a case has been completed, any changes made will be regarded as a new case.

A frame is only as good as the model that it was made on.  It is the only guideline we have, therefore if the model is an accurate representation of the patient’s mouth then the frame will fit exactly the same way in the mouth as on the model.  If the model, however, is not accurate, then the frame will fit the model but not the patient’s mouth.

*We will only be held responsible for the fit of the frame on the model that it was made on.

How does our office send yo digital impressions?

If you are a CEREC office, you can send us digital impressions via CEREC Connect. Watch this video to learn how to add us as your favorite lab – Watch Now

What is your rush policy?

We ask that you please observe our time schedule to avoid any inconvenience or any extra charges that must be passed onto you due to the over time that we must pay our employees.  Rush cases incur an extra charge according to the complexity of the case and how quickly the case is required.

A little Bit About Salt Lake Dental Lab

Salt Lake Dental Lab is a full service and digital dental lab. We have been in business since 1906, over 100 years. We believe that patients come first, we believe that processes and procedures should be done correctly and efficiently every time. All restorations begin in the dental practice, it is important that we work with dentists that understand this and want to improve their practice and partner with a dental lab that cares about quality and patient results. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us below.

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