Digital Impressions

Send digital impressions to our lab with ease via CEREC Connect. Most dental offices don’t have the time or can’t mill bridges, zirconia or custom abutments through their CEREC Milling machine. If you find yourself in this situation send them to our lab digitally via CEREC Connect.

Improve Accuracy

There are too many problems with traditional impressions and most of the problems are blamed on the lab. Traditional impressions warp and distort meaning the case is bad quality for the start. Send digital impressions to our lab and you will see improved accuracy.

Faster Turn Around Time

By sending digital impressions we can instantly receive cases from your office and begin to work on each case. Our digital work flow is so precise and efficient we can get your crown done within 24 hours.

CEREC Connect

Do you own a Cerec? Add us as your favorite lab on your Cerec connect account and we will be able to do digital impressions with your office streamlining the workflow between your dental office and our lab.  By using Cerec Connect you will see improved accuracy from the restorations we create and a satisfied patient.  If you need crowns in a day you will be able to do it easier through Cerec connect.  Give us a call and we will help you get started today!

If you do not know how to add us as your favorite lab on your CEREC watch this video

How To Send Digital Impressions Via CEREC Connect

In this video we teach you how to set up your CEREC Scanner so that you can send digital impressions via CEREC Connect to our dental lab. If you are new to CEREC Connect we are excited to work with your office and to provide your patients with quality products. We value working with CEREC doctors because the technology helps us to create better products for patients around the world.

Join Us On CEREC Connect

If you have not registered for CEREC Connect click the link above and start sending digital impressions to our lab.